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#SomosSocial: Bilingual Twitter Chats - How to Do Them Effectively

There are 11.7 million + reasons to be on Twitter - the approximate number of Hispanics in the U.S. who are using the platform. And out of those 11.7 million, 43% tweet in English and in Spanish. Hispanics over index their counterparts when it comes to digital technologies and services, but how do you reach them and target your messages via Twitter chats?

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Transforming How the Government Interacts with the Public

The government, and its services, are complicated to navigate. USAGov is working to change that. Over the years, we’ve evolved from providing information in print and launching a web portal to answering people's questions on social media and embracing content marketing. We serve as a guide to government information and services, and we are doing it in both English and Spanish.

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Are Videos in Spanish the Way To Go?

The answer may surprise you. It takes time, resources and actual money. Why prepare a video for something that can be written about and released in a shorter time span at a much lower cost? This question is now the new normal. But are we asking the right question?

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Real Internationalization Isn't Just Geographic: It's Linguistic

Twenty years ago, the chances of watching an NBA game with commentary in a language other than English were small. Today, the NBA transmits games in 47 languages to 215 countries across the world. This is a perfect example of how organizations have evolved over time to meet the demands of their audiences.

October 02, 2015 Read More

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