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Qualitative Research for - Conversations With Our Audience

At USAGov, we’re taking a close look at -- a long-standing site focused on providing information and resources to parents, teachers, and kids. Our cross-functional team has joined forces to “reenvision” the site’s content and presentation to be sure that we’re doing our best to meet the needs of our current audience.

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The Future of Digital Government: The Next Big Things

Partnership and collaboration are at the cornerstone of innovation within the federal government. In support of this belief, USAGov’s Sarah Crane recently spoke at an EPA sponsored conference in Crystal City. Her presentation entitled, “The Future of Digital Government: The Next Big Things” focused on the following key topics:

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The USAGov Bilingual Style Guide Is Now Online!

About a year and a half ago, the Federal Citizen Information Center - today called USAGov, embarked on a very ambitious task: integrating our content operations.  We blurred lines that defined silos and adopted a bilingual content approach to offer a more consistent experience, regardless of language preference or point of access to our information. See more about our rebirth.

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Developing a Consumer Resource Guide: Planning Strategies and Process

Even in the digital age, we must remember that not everyone has access to the Internet. But they should still have access to government information. As part of USAGov’s effort to do just that, we produce the Consumer Action Handbook (CAH) and the Gu√≠a del Consumidor in Spanish. This publication empowers people to make informed purchases, avoid fraud, and exercise their consumer rights. More than a textbook, the CAH is actionable. We do the legwork, aggregating the resources from across government and the private sector.  

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Our New Logo Gets the Star Treatment

Two weeks ago, we discussed how we chose our new name: USAGov. Today, in the third installment of our ongoing series about our rebranding efforts, we’ll talk about our new logo.

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USA.Gov Launches to Help Citizens Register to Vote

One of the most important rights of American citizens is the right to vote. It is the foundation of our democracy, and in many ways, the basis of our government. This is why the team at is excited to announce the launch of

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