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4 Things We've Learned From Piloting Our Content Efficiency KPI

In the last quarter, the KPI trended upward. Here are some things the KPI helped us analyze in the last several months.

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Researching to Better Understand Our Print Publication Audience

The Consumer Action Handbook (Handbook) and its Spanish counterpart,the Guía del Consumidor (Guía), have been mainstays of USAGov since the 1990s. However, life as a consumer has changed drastically since these books began. To understand the changing consumer landscape, a cross-functional group from USAGov conducted a study of the scope of these publications. We wanted to answer several questions:

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How We Developed User-Friendly Content Templates

Content on the and websites provides information on many different government benefits, services, and programs. We group the content into various taxonomy buckets to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. But after listening to user feedback, we realized that content about different programs wasn’t always written in the same style and format, which made it hard for people to find what they were looking for across topics.

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How We Used Customer Comments to Improve Our Housing Section

In order to understand if certain pages and sections of our website effectively help customers complete their tasks, we run page-level and pop-up surveys that allow people to leave feedback and tell us what was helpful or what wasn’t.

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5 Steps for Creating Keyword Labels for Better Search

A core component of the USAGov content team’s job is to make sure the public can find what it’s looking for on our site. One of the main ways we do that is by researching to zero in on the keywords people are using when they search for a topic. Then we incorporate those keywords into our page titles and content summaries.

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A New Metric to Help Us Measure Our Content Efficiency

After our content team moved to a more agile method of working, we also started to look at the metrics we use to measure the success of our work. To help us with that, our analytics team developed a new metric we’re experimenting with called the content efficiency metric.

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Becoming an Agile Content Team

In March, the team of writers and editors at USAGov adopted some agile principles in an attempt to streamline our content development process.

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USAGov's Six Predictions for 2017

The USAGov team wants to share our 2017 predictions with you! We asked staff members about their goals for USAGov and all of government digital services and we got plenty of great  ideas. Here are six of our favorites:

December 30, 2016 Read More

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5 Most Popular Search Topics on in 2016

View the accessible version of the 2016 Top 5  Most Popular Search Topics in infographic.

December 27, 2016 Read More

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Five Lessons Learned During a Content Audit

As part of USAGov’s efforts to provide our audience with the reliable and quality information that they need, this summer, the Health, Education & Benefits (HE&B) topic desk completed its first content audit.

November 23, 2016 Read More

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