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In a Marketing Minute: Connecting Teams, Promotions, and Ideas

Every first week of every month, USAGov's marketing team sends an office-wide email newsletter to give an update on past and current marketing efforts and campaigns. It’s how we try to help keep the rest of the office in the know. The monthly newsletter can spur a content idea, a future marketing endeavor, and act as a reminder of what's coming up that month that contributors need to be aware of. It also gives a heads up to our Analytics Team about what promotions could be the causes of increased website visits, email, and social media traffic.

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Change Comes to USAGov's Historic Publication Program

We recently marked the end of an era at USAGov as we transferred management of our  publication distribution program to the Government Publishing Office (GPO) facility in Pueblo, Colorado. The decision was difficult, but necessary to focus more resources online.

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The Essentials of an Editorial Calendar

Anyone engaged in content marketing or content production probably owns a robust editorial calendar.  A calendar that is quickly updated, helps keep deadlines and is flexible can serve as a helpful blueprint of your content activities for the year.

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The New Leaner, Faster and Multi-Lingual

One year ago this week, we launched (also known as It’s a concise and simple site with a single mission: direct citizens through the voter registration process as quickly as possible. It was created by a joint team of staffers and Presidential Innovation Fellows, all of whom work within the General Services Administration.

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Where Content and Marketing Meet: An Email Case Study

Content marketing is everywhere and you're hearing more about it every day—but how do you do it well?

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Joining Forces with BusinessUSA to Better Serve Our Nation's Businesses

Four years ago, BusinessUSA launched with a mission to revolutionize the way government provides services to small businesses and exporters. Using technology to erase bureaucratic boundaries, BusinessUSA streamlined the way businesses find and get what they need from government.  This “no wrong door” approach combined resources from over 800 websites and created a single point of entry for businesses looking to grow and expand.  

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Qualitative Research for - Conversations With Our Audience

At USAGov, we’re taking a close look at -- a long-standing site focused on providing information and resources to parents, teachers, and kids. Our cross-functional team has joined forces to “reenvision” the site’s content and presentation to be sure that we’re doing our best to meet the needs of our current audience.

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The Future of Digital Government: The Next Big Things

Partnership and collaboration are at the cornerstone of innovation within the federal government. In support of this belief, USAGov’s Sarah Crane recently spoke at an EPA sponsored conference in Crystal City. Her presentation entitled, “The Future of Digital Government: The Next Big Things” focused on the following key topics:

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Developing a Consumer Resource Guide: Planning Strategies and Process

Even in the digital age, we must remember that not everyone has access to the Internet. But they should still have access to government information. As part of USAGov’s effort to do just that, we produce the Consumer Action Handbook (CAH) and the Gu√≠a del Consumidor in Spanish. This publication empowers people to make informed purchases, avoid fraud, and exercise their consumer rights. More than a textbook, the CAH is actionable. We do the legwork, aggregating the resources from across government and the private sector.  

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Transcreation: Why Do We Need It?

Transcreation is a relatively new term that blends the words translation and creation. In a nutshell, transcreation involves taking a concept in one language and completely recreating it in another language. A successfully transcreated message (either written or visual) evokes the same emotions and carries the same implications in the target language as it does in the source language, but in a way that resonates with the target audience.

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