How USAGov Helped Shape the Digital Response in Puerto Rico

This event was originally posted on DigitalGov University on January 9, 2018.

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When Collaborating With Influencers Becomes a Life-Saving Tactic

When Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, it caused a total collapse of the traditional communication infrastructure. People on the island turned to radio and social media as a lifeline. Family members on the mainland searched for information they could easily share via text.

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Using Journey Mapping to Streamline Processes Across Agencies

Some people experience challenges navigating government services -- especially if they need to work with more than one agency. Based on this premise, we set out to find out how agencies could share information with one another to improve the customer experience.

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Introducing the Marketing Lab

In government, the word “marketing” often carries a negative connotation. But whether you call it outreach or communications or marketing, government often has a need to get key information to the public.

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Five Communication Tactics We Used During the 2017 Hurricane Season

In 2017, it was nearly impossible to turn on the news or go on social media without hearing stories about hurricanes across Texas, Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

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5 Most Popular Search Topics on in 2017

View the accessible version of the 2017 Top 5 Most Popular Search Topics in infographic.

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A New Direction for's Social Presence

After studying the latest research and monitoring trends with our Twitter audience, we are experimenting with three new ways to better connect with Spanish speakers.  

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Making It Easier for You to Work with USAGov

The USAGov Outreach team regularly collaborates with government agencies to promote their missions, programs, and services. However, most agencies only learn they can easily work with us by word-of-mouth.

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A New Metric to Help Us Measure Our Content Efficiency

After our content team moved to a more agile method of working, we also started to look at the metrics we use to measure the success of our work. To help us with that, our analytics team developed a new metric we’re experimenting with called the content efficiency metric.

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USAGov and State Department Partner to Streamline Passport Process

The mission of USAGov is to make vital information and services accessible to the American people, and we’re always seeking innovative new ways to further that goal. Last year, we initiated an effort to explore methods of getting feedback from the public about their experiences accessing key government services.

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Topics: User Experience and Accessibility

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