USAGov's Six Predictions for 2017

December 30, 2016   Posted by: Catori Langley


The USAGov team wants to share our 2017 predictions with you! We asked staff members about their goals for USAGov and all of government digital services and we got plenty of great  ideas. Here are six of our favorites:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to improve the public’s experience with the government by helping to deliver information and services more efficiently. -Jessica M.

  2. An increase in the creation of videos and infographics‚Äã in the digital canvas . Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook Live and Instagram stories will play an even bigger role online.-Sandra A. & Edgardo M.  

  3. More and more government agencies will take into account customers’ input when planning, designing and implementing digital strategies. -Cecilia K.

  4. Government will reduce the number of steps people need to take to complete a task or transaction online.- Maria M. & Leilani M.

  5. We will see more interactive features that allow the public to filter out information not pertaining to their search, displaying only the best choices for them. -Darren L.

  6. Discover new markets that seek government services and create products in close partnerships with other agencies. Being OK with feeling uncomfortable with the unknown and creating useful products. -Simchah S.

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