5 Most Popular Search Topics on USA.gov in 2015

December 29, 2015   Posted by: Maria Marrero, Puthorn Suwannasingh, Michelle Chronister, Leilani Martínez

Visitors to USA.gov searched for over 10,000 different words or phrases in 2015. Many of these terms are different, but have similar meanings—like jobs and careers. We grouped these terms into categories and sub-categories in order to get a larger view of what people want from the government. The most popular search topics this year were related to:

  1. Money and Shopping (127,520 searches)
    • Sub-categories
      • Shopping and Consumer Issues (57,583 searches)
      • Taxes (39,202 searches)
      • Unclaimed Money from the Government (12,343 searches)
      • Buying from the U.S. Government (12,267 searches)
      • For Business Owners (6,125 searches)
  2. Agencies and Elected Officials (126,377 searches)
    • Sub-categories
      • Federal Agencies and Branches of Government (110,411 searches)
      • Elected Officials (14,988 searches)
      • State, Local, and Tribal Governments (978 searches)
  3. Travel and Immigration (89,128 searches)
    • Sub-categories
      • U.S. Citizens Traveling Abroad (43,135 searches)
      • Immigrations and Citizenship (33,612 searches)
      • Visas, Tourists, and Temporary Visitors (9,027 searches)
      • Recreation and Travel Within the U.S. (3,354 searches)
  4. Jobs and Unemployment (65,286 searches)
    • Sub-categories
      • General Job Search (46,110 searches)
      • Specific Job Search (12,857 searches)
      • For Federal Government Employees (2,221 searches)
      • Retirement (2,119 searches)
      • Labor Laws and Issues (1,979 searches)
  5. Health (34,963 searches)
    • Sub-categories
      • Specific Health Issues (17,102 searches)
      • Health Insurance (8,757 searches)
      • Food and Nutrition (5,365 searches)
      • Doctors and Medical Facilities (3,739 searches)

View the accessible version of the Top 5 Most Popular Search Topics in USA.gov infographic.

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