Top Searches: The Government's Most Popular Search Topics This Month

May 19, 2016   Posted by: Megan Fella

What do the people want? A simple question with no simple answer.

In order to provide greater insight into the minds of our customers, we plan to develop a blog series that will regularly share search terms and other analytics. This first installment highlights last month's most popular search terms, provided by Amber Van Amburg from USAGov's Customer Experience division.

Breaking Down the Data

  1. Government Jobs -  Searched 15,424 times
  2. Passports - Searched 4,570 times
  3. Auctions - Searched 1,713 times
  4. Credit Report (Free) - Searched 1,573 times
  5. Citizenship and Green Cards - Searched 1,024 times

  1. Teacher - Searched 725 times
  2. Vet - Searched 538 times
  3. Jobs - Searched 512 times
  4. Doctor - Searched 498 times
  5. Lawyer- Searched 482 times

A Few Takeaways

  • If you’re reading this then you have a job that the public wants. “Government jobs” was searched over three times more frequently than the next most popular search term on
  • Last month we published a feature article highlighting government auctions. The article performed well and drove searches for that term. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to its success!
  • Kids are thinking about the future. All five of the most popular search terms on were related to jobs.

Check out the blog next month for more on what our customers want!

Megan Fella is a detailee from the Emerging Leaders Program.

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