Opening the Federal Front Door

October 30, 2015   Posted by: Sarah Crane

We at USAGov are thrilled to be included as the premier commitment in the National Action Plan for Open Government.  For government to truly operate as a transparent, efficient and responsive system, its information and services must be citizen-centered and pre-emptive.  That’s our commitment to you.

Over the past year, USAGov has reinvented itself as the federal front door of the government  -- through a new, adaptive publishing system, an integrated digital and live-agent experience, responsive and accessible websites, print publications dedicated to helping the public protect themselves from scams and fraud, and more.

USAGov provides government information and services to millions of citizens every year.  But that’s not enough.  We know that most people are frustrated by the disconnects in government

  • Why do they need to keep information updated with multiple agencies?  
  • Why can’t they complete their tasks more seamlessly -- whether those tasks fall into the domain of the city, state, or federal government?  
  • Why is it almost impossible to get a single, straightforward, and friendly answer consistently as they engage with multiple agencies?  
  • And why is it so difficult to track the status of their requested services?

These are the questions at the top of our minds as we continue to bring together agencies across government into a single, trusted source -- USAGov.  We’re committed to making life easier for citizens and bringing government into the sunlight.  

In the next year, we’re exploring ways to work with states and cities through the Open311 common infrastructure, so that citizens can request services from all levels of government through a simple, common system.  We’re also working with our friends at to develop the first-ever machine readable government org chart.  We’re participating in important cross-government efforts to increase broadband adoption and promote educational initiatives for Hispanics.  And we’re tapping into the talent at GSA’s 18F and Presidential Innovation Fellows program to continuously roll out new functionality and services on  We look forward to working with our partner agencies and citizens to improve the public’s experience with government.

Sarah Crane is the Director of USAGov

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