How helped agency websites improve people’s search experience in 2023

March 14, 2024   Posted by: team

The title "How helped agency websites improve people's search experience" next to a woman smiling at her computer logged into connects the public with easy access to the government information and services they need, creating a unified search experience across over one-third of federal domains. Our program’s core mission and goals are the same every year, but how did the way people interact with government search change in 2023? 

Explore’s 2023 report to answer important questions including:

  • How and why did government website redesigns impact search trends?
  • Which topics did people search for the most? Which saw the biggest declines and why?
  • Where did backend updates like indexing improvements make the most impact on the public’s search experience?
  • Why is user-centered work so important for findability?

Stay tuned for more program updates in 2024, including how is tackling:

  • Emerging technology
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices
  • Customer service through our Customer Account Management Process (CAMP) model

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