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Portion control is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. Know proper portion sizes for your body.

Maintain Your Weight Over the Holidays

Gaining one or two pounds during the holidays doesn’t seem like a lot, but these gains can add up over the years. Although the holidays may not be the ideal time to try to lose weight, you can take steps to maintain your weight.

Read 10 tips on how to enjoy your food, but eat less of it (PDF) and make exercise a regular part of your day.

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Holiday Tip of the Day: Pay Attention to Portion Sizes

It can be hard to choose healthy foods when the holidays are filled with temptations like sweets and desserts. One way to maintain your weight over the holidays is to enjoy your meals, but avoid oversized portions. It’s also important to balance food choices with physical activity to avoid weight gain. Find more tips on picking healthier foods and planning a healthy menu.

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