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If you’re planning a trip abroad over the holidays check the State Department’s list of travel warnings.

Avoid Airport Security Check-In Delays

Summer is a busy season for travel. If you have air travel plans over the last few weeks of summer, take a look at the Transportation Security Administration’s summer travel information.

It includes a checklist (PDF) with tips on packing and reminders of what to do at the security checkpoint. Being prepared may help you avoid unnecessary delays.

Explore America’s Scenic Byways

If you’re going on road trip, check out America’s Scenic Byways as you plan your routes. 

The National Scenic Byway System is comprised of specially designated roads in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Many of these roads offer breathtaking views and got their designation based on archaeological  cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and/or scenic qualities. 

Before starting off on your trip, be sure your vehicle is in good shape and get tips on how to improve your gas mileage.

The State Department issued a worldwide travel alert for Aug. due to the threat of terrorist attacks. Read the full alert to learn more.

Airport security pat-downs are necessary under certain circumstances. Find out why and how they are to be conducted.