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Create a Healthier Living Space This Spring

With winter coming to an end, it’s time to open your windows, air out the house and get started on some spring cleaning. While most people dread cleaning their house and getting rid of things, it’s a great time to take inventory of what you truly need and can live without. Cleaning out your home can also help improve your health when you get rid of dust piles and clutter. Use these tips to help you get started:

  • Mold can grow easily in places you use every day, such as the sink, bath tub, heater or AC unit. It’s important to stay on top of cleaning these areas as soon as you notice the mold. Left untreated, mold can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home, and lead to health problems.
  • Household products such as disinfectant, cleaning supplies and polishes can help make your cleaning duties much easier, but it’s important to remember they can be hazardous to your family and home too. The EPA offers guidelines on being smart when storing, using and disposing of your household products.
  • Dust can pile up during the winter months when your windows stay closed, adding to allergies and other health problems. Increased dust could also mean you need to change your furnace or air purifier filters more often. Find out the ways dust can enter your home and ways you can remedy the situation.
  • Unfortunately, unwanted rodents can show up in your basement, attic and other spots throughout the house any time of the year. Learn the appropriate steps for cleaning and disinfecting the areas and furnishings they’ve contaminated, and how to dispose of them properly.

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