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Newly released and unedited video shows Richard Nixon speaking candidly about his resignation.  

Forty years ago this week, Richard Nixon resigned from the Presidency. The Nixon Library is releasing footage of the 37th President chronicling his final days in the White House, recorded in 1983.

The in depth and inside story begins with President Nixon recalling July 23, 1974, the day he learned that three pivotal members of the House Judiciary Committee were going to vote for his impeachment.

"I knew that we could not survive," Nixon says. "However, when I got back to Washington, in my usual methodical way—people think it’s methodical and I guess it is—I decided I should put down the pros and cons of what options I had."

Then came the unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the President had to turn over 64 White House tape recordings sought by the Watergate Special Prosecutor.

Among them was tape from June 23, 1972, the so-called “smoking gun.”

Referring to the impact of that tape, Nixon said,

"This was the final blow, the final nail in the coffin."  

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"A President Resigns" will play continuously in the Nixon Library Theater from August 5-10 and available online at and