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Still waiting for your federal tax refund? You can find out when to expect it by checking its status.

From the IRS:

No, a tax transcript will not help you determine when you will get your refund. This is among the common myths and misconceptions that are often repeated in social media.

The codes listed on tax transcripts do not provide any early insight into when a refund will be issued. The best way to check on your refund is by visiting “Where’s My Refund?

While transcripts include a lot of detailed information regarding actions taken on your account, the codes do not mean the same thing for everyone and they do not necessarily reflect how any of these actions do or do not impact the amount or timing of your refund.

IRS transcripts are best and most often used to validate past income and tax filing status for mortgage, student and small business loan applications and to help with tax preparation.

For more answers to common refund questions visit our 2014 Tax Season Refund Frequently Asked Questions page.

You can find out when to expect it by checking its status here.

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Did you already file your taxes? Check your refund status online.

Refunds Available for Reebok EasyTone or RunTone Shoes or Apparel

A Reebok Easytone Shoe

From the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, charged Reebok with making claims about EasyTone and RunTone shoes that the company couldn’t support. According to the FTC, Reebok claimed that using these products would strengthen and tone leg and butt muscles.

To settle the case, Reebok has agreed to pay $25 million for refunds to people who bought Reebok toning shoes or apparel.

Learn more about the refunds, how to apply, and how to avoid misleading marketing claims at