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How to Report Your Product Safety Issues

What do cribs and chain saws have in common?

The fact that safety is the number one consideration with their use.

Now, if you’re in the market for baby equipment, power tools, toys, or space heaters, you can check what other people are saying about them, in terms of safety, on, a new online database created by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The database lets you submit safety reports about thousands of products. Reports can describe not only actual incidents but potentially dangerous scenarios with a product.

The manufacturer of the product will be notified and allowed to respond to the report, and both the report and any manufacturer’s comments will be posted online within 15 days.

The CPSC announces recalls of dangerous products practically every day. But it can take weeks or months from the time the first problem is reported until a recall is announced. The database will work like an early warning system to alert you of safety issues with products you are interested in.