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Diet Supplement Recalled After Being Linked to Liver Failure and Death

OxyElite Pro, a diet supplement marketed for weight loss and muscle growth, was recalled after being linked to acute liver failure and cases of hepatitis. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that the supplement caused one death and several patients required liver transplants.

The FDA is advising people to immediately stop using OxyElite Pro and another supplement, VERSA-1, which are both manufactured by the same company. VERSA-1 has also been linked to health problems.

If you experience problems after taking OxyElite Pro or VERSA-1, report them online or call 1-800-332-1088 and request a complaint form.

The company that makes OxyElite Pro will destroy the remaining supply of supplements under supervision from the FDA.

Learn more about the recall and the health risks.

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Pfizer Recalls Two Types of Birth Control Pills

Image description: The two types of birth control pills Pfizer recalled.

Pfizer announced a voluntary recall of Lo/Ovral-28 and Norgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol birth controls pills because of a mix up in packaging. Some active birth control pills were replaced with placebo pills in certain packages.

If you take these pills, you should start using a back up form of birth control immediately, contact your doctor and return the pills to the pharmacy. Learn more about the birth control pills being recalled to see if yours were affected.