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Did you know that many public libraries have DVDs, CDs, and even e-books that you can borrow? 

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Does the library of congress top librarian have a list of recomended reading list?

The current Librarian of Congress is Dr. James Billington. He was sworn in as Librarian of Congress on September 14, 1987 and is the 13th person to hold the position since the Library was established in 1800. Dr. Billington does not have a public reading list available on the Library of Congress website.

However, the Library of Congress’ site does have booklists available for kids, teens, and adults. Find books to spark the imagination and transport you to new and exciting places at

Learn the history of Read Across America Day and find volunteer opportunities and ways you can get involved.  

Find your local public library to check out books, movies, and more.

Encourage Kids to Read This Summer

The U.S. Department of Education launched their annual summer campaign, Let’s Read, Let’s Move. The campaign encourages children to participate in summer reading programs and parents to read to their children more often.

Through summer reading, kids may discover a favorite author that sparks a lifelong love of reading. Summer reading can also prevent learning loss and help prepare a child for the next academic year.

Check out a few reading resources for kids: