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Anybody know how too get a small business Gov. loan?

Asked by Jeff on Facebook.

You can find out about financing options available for your small business at BusinessUSA.

I would like to volunteer.

Asked by @marygross67 on Twitter.

You can find volunteer opportunities at

Spam snail mail is an invasion of privacy. Please, please do something about it!!!

Asked by Hannah on Twitter.

You can opt out of receiving mail solicitations, as well as phone and e-mail. Find out how.

How can I get a scholarship for a masters degree program in one or your colleges in the USA?

Asked by an anonymous Tumblr user.

EducationUSA, a Department of State website, has helpful information on the steps international undergraduate and graduate students should take to study in the U.S., including information about financial aid.

Learn more about financial aid for international graduate students.

i’m a 32 yr old mom who would like to go back to school and earn her undergrad. are there any grants for me?

Asked by Michelle on Facebook.

There are very few grants available to individuals. Most grants are awarded to places like universities, states, and non-profits.

You may be eligible for loans or student aid, however.