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The Cutest Valentine’s Day Video You’ll Watch

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Watch couples get engaged or married in National Parks and other public lands across the country.

Video from the Department of the Interior.

Go to Where it all Began at Minute Man Historical Park


Summer is a great time to take advantage of our national parks and monuments. Many offer free or low-cost admissions and programs perfect for families. So this summer we will be featuring one of our country’s public lands every week and highlighting things you and your family can do there.

Minute Man National Historical Park


Image description: Militia march at Minute Man National Hisorical Park

Minute Man Historical Park is where the Revolutionary War all began. Located 22 miles outside of Boston, the park lets you visit the iconic towns of Lexington and Concord. Start your trip at the Visitor’s center and watch the film “Road to the Revolution” where you’ll learn about Paul Revere’s legendary ride as well as the famous battles at Lexington and North Bridge.

Then walk along the five-mile Battle Road Trail. This trail connects Concord and Lexington and is the same path where many minutemen walked during the start of the Revolution.

You could also take a guided tour to help you learn about the colonial men and women who played an important role in our nation’s history.  One tour is “Who Were the Minutemen?” where you join a ranger costumed as a minuteman as he explains what the militia did and also includes a demonstration firing of a 18th century musket.

Another tour is the “Some Were for Making a Stand” tour. A ranger joins you at North Bridge and explains the April 19th, 1775 opening battle of the Revolution. There are many other scheduled tours available throughout the summer. Find more information.

Kids can also enjoy learning about the U.S. Revolution at Minute Man Historical Park. The Whitmore house lets children try on traditional colonial clothing, organize the day and help prepare a meal. Everyone has the chance to participate in the Hats Off! Homespun Tribute play where you and your family can learn why spinning thread, shopping and cooking were important to the revolution.

Minute Man Historical Park is also full of historical reenactments and events that are not only interesting but also educational; to learn more about the park activities and to plan your visit take a look at the schedule of events.