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From Tornados to Tax Tips: Five New Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps gallery can help you find a range of free apps from government agencies. Here are some of the newest:

IRS2Go - This Internal Revenue Service app allows you to securely check up on your tax refund status, watch informational IRS videos, order your tax transcript and be up-to-date with all new IRS information.

Tornado - From the American Red Cross, this app helps you prepare in case of a tornado emergency. It features a helpful guide on creating an emergency kit in case of power outage and evacuation and gives you the location of emergency shelters. A siren also goes off when a warning is in place and lets you know when a warning has expired (extremely helpful during power outages).

Safer Car - This app from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is great for any car owner. You can look up a vehicle’s crash test results and get notifications of important car recalls or new safety information. The app even gives you driving directions to a location near you where you can get help on properly installing child car seats.

Your Art - From the National Gallery of Art, this app proves that you don’t have to travel to appreciate amazing works of art. In Your Art’s highlights tour, you can view more than 130 pieces of art, all with audio commentary by the Gallery’s director, curators and researchers. Get your kids interested in the arts through the kids’ tour that features the famous works of Degas, Monet and many more.

Solve the Outbreak – In this new, educational game from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your job is to become a detective to stop and solve disease outbreak. It’s a great way to learn about public health and how real disease detectives help save lives.

Government Information from Your Phone: Visit Mobile Apps Gallery

Visit our Mobile Apps Gallery to find government apps and mobile websites.

Here are just a few of the many apps you’ll find:

  • Tornado - If a tornado warning is issued for your location, an alarm will sound, even when the app is closed. (available for iPhone and Android)
  • CDC Mobile App - Get timely health information. (available for iPad and Android)
  • Smart Traveler - Get official country information, travel alerts, maps, U.S. embassy locations, and more. (available for iPhone and Android)
  • NCI QuitPal - Use proven strategies to help you stop smoking. (available for iPhone)
  • NPS National Mall - If you’re visiting the National Capital, you can use this app to help you explore cultural and historical sites. (available for iPhone)

You can search for apps by category (Education, Health, Business, etc.) or by platform (Android, Apple, Blackberry, etc.).

Currently, all the apps featured in the gallery are free, though charges from your mobile phone carrier may apply.

If you’re flying this week, get the TSA mobile app for packing tips, airport news, and real-time security line updates.

Share Your Ideas for Mobile Apps from the Government

The mobile apps gallery has more than 50 free apps and mobile web sites from across government that can help make your life easier. There’s an app to find out how long the security line is at the airport or to see if your child’s new toy has been recalled. You can also find mobile apps to:

  • Protect your child: The FBI Child ID app provides a convenient place to store photos and vital information about your child so it can be found easily at your fingertips if your child goes missing.
  • Look for a job: With the USA JOBS iPhone app, you can search all types of federal government job openings available across the country.
  • Get nutrition information: The Food-a-pedia app breaks down food items by total calories, food groups, and other extra calories added from fat and sugar.

For the next few weeks you can also tell us what apps or other mobile products you think government agencies should create. The deadline to submit ideas is September 15.

Share your ideas.

The Unites States Postal Service now offers new ways to access its tools while on the go. With a new mobile friendly website and apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Andriod devices, you can find the nearest post office, look up zip codes and track your packages.

Search “USPS Mobile” in your app store to easily find the application for your device.