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Understanding Medicare Drug Costs

The cost of prescription drugs is a concern for many older Americans. Medicare Part D is an optional prescription drug plan that is available to anyone on Medicare. People enrolled in Medicare Part D pay a monthly premium and the program helps cover prescription drug costs. Americans 65 or older, or younger people with certain disabilities, are eligible for Medicare.

Finding a Prescription Plan

There are many prescription drug plans available to people enrolled in Medicare and each plan varies in cost and coverage. Many people still have to pay some of their drug costs out of pocket, even with Part D coverage. Use the Medicare Plan Finder to check prescription plan options.

Lowering Your Cost

There are some ways to lower your drug costs on your own. Talk to your doctor about drugs that cost less, like generics, over-the-counter, or less expensive brand name drugs that could work as well as the ones that you take now. There are also government and private programs that might be able to help you with medical and drug costs.

If you’re not already enrolled in Medicare Part D, joining may help, even if you have to pay a late enrollment penalty.