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Someone illegally using your Social Security number causes a lot of problems. Learn what to do if this happens to you.

Asked by Anonymous

I received an email the other day that I believe is a scam using the IRS as the sender. Where can forward this to have it checked out?

The IRS has recently issued warnings about phony e-mails that are trying to steal your personal information. 

If you receive an e-mail that claims to be from the IRS and asks for your personal information, follow these steps:

  • Do not reply.
  • Do not open any attachments. Attachments may contain malicious code that will infect your computer.
  • Do not click on any links. If you clicked on a links and entered confidential information, visit the IRS identity protection page.
  • Forward the email to
  • After you forward it, delete the original email message.

Learn more about how to report suspicious e-mails or phishing schemes to the IRS.

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'Gameover' Scam Targets Bank Accounts

The FBI identified a new phishing scam online that targets your bank accounts. The scam is called “Gameover.” Once the virus is on your computer, it can steal all of your user names and passwords before you realize what has happened.

How It Works

The Gameover scam will email you, pretending to be from the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), the Federal Reserve Bank, or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The email will say that there has been a problem with your bank account or a recent transaction, and will include a link to help fix the problem. The link will send you to a phony site, where the Gameover malware is automatically installed on your computer and starts stealing your bank account information.

If you think you’ve been victimized by this type of scheme, contact your financial institution to report it, and file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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