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9 Tips to Help You Plan Your Retirement


Making financial decisions can be confusing and overwhelming, to the point that you do nothing to prepare for your financial future. But this Financial Literacy Month, we’re helping you understand finance basics so you can make money decisions with confidence.

Step one was understanding your credit.

Step two is planning and preparing for your retirement. Starting early will help you establish a sound financial future down the road. These tools and tips will help you get started.




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Recommit To Your Money Goals During Financial Literacy Month


Remember when you made that promise to yourself to get a better handle on your finances this year? Well April is the perfect time to reassess your progress on your money goals as part of Financial Literacy Month.

Not sure where to start? Then let us help you!

Start by ordering our free Financial Foundations Toolkit to get the advice and confidence you need to make sound money decisions. This toolkit will teach you:

  • How to save for college or retirement when money is tight

  • What you should do right after a job loss

  • What your insurance rights are in serious medical situations

  • How to avoid financial scams and identity theft

  • And more

Then make sure to follow along all month as we share more tools and resources you can use to manage your finances and set money goals you can achieve. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn this month:

  • Week one we’ll talk all things credit, scams and consumer protection.

  • Week two you’ll find tools and tips you can use to plan a comfortable retirement.

  • Week three we’ll tackle money management throughout all phases of life.

  • Week four you’ll learn how to invest your money safely and wisely.

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