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Spring is a great time to shop at farmers’ markets. Find a market near you.

The fall can be a wonderful time to visit your local farmers market. Find one near you.

It’s a great time to visit your local farmers market and see what’s growing near you. 

Check Out Your Local Farmers Market

Michelle Obama shopping at a farmers market in Washington, D.C.

Michelle Obama shopping at a farmers market in Washington, D.C.

Spring is the perfect time to explore your local farmers market. You can stock up on the fruits and veggies you enjoy the most and try produce that you’ve never tasted.

Farmers markets are also a great chance to chat with farmers about their farm operations and to learn more about how they grow their food. This is especially helpful if you are curious about their use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers when growing crops.

The variety of offerings at farmers markets can be overwhelming, so it helps to have a plan when you go. Some helpful tips:

  • Arrive early to get the best selection, or late to get the best deals.
  • Fresh food spoils quickly. Don’t buy more food than you can cook or freeze.
  • Bring cash to make your purchases. Some farmers markets participate in WIC program and accept vouchers.
  • Bring sturdy canvas bags and food storage containers to bring your food home.
  • Ask questions about foods you’ve never seen before and ways to prepare them.
  • Watch the produce scales so that you get the food you’ve paid for.

Find a farmers market near you.