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Five Tools to Help You Eat Healthier at College


Between late nights cramming for exams and the overwhelming number of food selections in the dining hall, trying to make healthy food choices on a college campus can be daunting. For the second week of National Nutrition Month, we rounded up some resources to help you avoid packing on the pounds during your college years.



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Making Healthy Choices in the Dining Hall


Your dining hall may have more healthy food options than you think without restricting you to just the salad bar.

Learn how to navigate all the food selections at available to you (PDF), select foods that will keep you full for longer and give you energy to get through the day.

Help your kids complete the FAFSA with these tips.

This is a great video to share with your kids! How they can help make their schools healthier: 

These five reasons for filling out the FAFSA from Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan will leave you with no excuse not to take the time to apply for financial aid.