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Why isn’t my credit score included in my free credit report?

Asked by Stephen on Facebook.

The three main credit agencies charge you a fee to provide you with your credit score. However, your score is based on the information in your credit report, so monitoring your credit report is important to make sure the information is correct.

If you decide to purchase your score, you should know that it might not be the same one lenders use to decide to give you credit.

Learn more about purchasing your credit score and why it’s not free.

By law, you are entitled to receive one FREE copy of your credit report per year, from each credit agency. Find out how to get your report.

Check Your Credit Report for Free

You are entitled to a FREE credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) once every 12 months. You can request all three reports at once, or space them out throughout the year.

Why It’s Important

It’s important to ensure that your personal information and financial accounts are being accurately reported and that no fraudulent accounts have been initiated in your name. Errors on your credit report can negatively affect your credit score.

What To Do If You Find Errors

Follow instructions on the credit report that explain how to dispute errors. If errors have not been corrected after you’ve disputed them with the credit reporting agency, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Get more information about disputing errors on your credit report.

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