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Avoid Buyer’s Remorse with this Helpful Checklist

Whether you’re making a large or small purchase, there are a few things you want to think about before you hand over your hard earned money. To make sure you aren’t left with buyer’s remorse, use this checklist before making a purchase:

  • Decide in advance exactly what you want and how much you can afford

  • Do your research. Ask family, friends and others you trust for advice based on their experience. Gather information about the seller and the item or service you are purchasing.

  • Review product test results from consumer experts and comments from past customers.

  • Get advice and price quotes from several sellers.

  • Make sure the seller has all the appropriate licenses. Doctors, lawyers, contractors and other service providers must register with a state or local licensing agency.

  • Check out a company’s complaint record with your local consumer affairs office and Better Business Bureau.

  • Get a written copy of guarantees and warranties.

  • Get the seller’s refund, return and cancellation policies.

  • Ask whom to contact if you have questions or problems.

  • Read and understand any contract or legal document you are asked to sign. Insist that any extra you are promised be put in writing.

  • Consider paying by credit card. If you have a problem you can dispute the charge.

  • Don’t buy on impulse or under pressure.

Find out more about doing your research so you’re fully prepared before you make a purchase.

Ask Marietta: Helping Women Get Back on Their Feet

Video description:

In this episode of Ask Marietta, Marietta responds to a letter from a women’s resource center in New York City and offers tips and advice for battered women looking to get a fresh start.

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Marietta with the Consumer Action Handbook, and in this series, Marietta’s Mailbag, we read and respond to letters from people like you, who’ve used the Consumer Action Handbook to solve their consumer problems.

Let’s take a look at one of the letters now.

Today’s letter is from a women’s resource center in New York City.

It reads, “Dear Marietta, We distribute the Consumer Action Handbook to our residents in our center, which is a shelter for victims of domestic violence. The handbooks are invaluable for this women who are trying to restart their lives under very difficult circumstances.”

First let me salute this center for the work their doing to help women get a fresh start on life.

The Consumer Action Handbook includes so much information to help you as you’re getting up on your feet, trying to establish a new life for yourself.

And one of the things that’s in the Handbook is information on how to get a copy of your free credit report. This is a great thing to do as you’re establishing yourself, as you’re looking for jobs, renting an apartment, things like that.

So, I would encourage you to get a copy of the Consumer Action Handbook to find out how to get this and other information to help you get a fresh start.

If you have a question, send it in!

We love to hear from you. You can write us, you can email us or you can tweet us using the hashtag #AskMarietta.

Don’t let your kids be victims. 

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