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We can help you fight improper actions by debt collectors: Venida’s story

By Ashley Gordon, CFPB

Watch Venida’s story

Consumers often come to us with complaints about problems with debt collection and related credit reporting issues. We forward their complaints to the companies and work to get a response from them. In Venida’s case, within weeks of submitting her complaints, she was able to get the inaccurate information on her credit reports removed.  

“Now that I have received the help from [the] CFPB”, she said, “I feel as if I can go along with my life enjoying my grandchildren and my children…and not worry about… whether I’m going to be sued.” She continued, “It’s so important because older people my age get taken advantage of. These collections agencies have them thinking that they owe this, they owe that. They don’t know that there’s a resource out there that can help them like the CFPB.”   

We’re glad Venida got the help she needed, and we want to make sure that you know that we’re here for you too. To share your experience or learn more from others, visit us at

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