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Enjoy Alaska in the Summer


Summer is a great time to take advantage of our national parks and monuments. Many offer free or low-cost admissions and programs perfect for families. So this summer we will be featuring one of our country’s public lands every week and highlighting things you and your family can do there.

Denali National Park


Image description: Mt. McKinley dwarfs the surrounding scenery in Denali National Park. Photo from the National Park Service

Denali National Park and Preserve is an incredible place to fully appreciate the Alaskan wilderness.  With more than 6 million acres, Denali has breathtaking views of the Alaskan terrain, stunning wildlife and of the largest mountain in North America, Mt McKinley.

Be witness to the beautiful Alaskan scenery during the summer months. At Denali National Park  there is a great chance to see a number of wild animals such as the grizzly bear, caribou and moose. You may also be able to catch a glimpse of the golden eagle or the rare bald eagle flying above the vast Alaskan sky.

Denali is great for those who are explorers at heart! There are a number of different ways to travel through the national park:

  • Tour bus: narrated by a trained naturalist, tour buses may be the best chance to see the large array of wildlife living within Denali.

  • Shuttle bus: Gives you the freedom to hop on and off the bus to explore different trails and sections of the park.

  • Bicycling: There are designated bike trails available during the summer and cyclists are welcome to bike through the entire 92 miles of  park road.

  • Hiking: There are a number of different trails located around the park that range from easy to difficult. For those who like a challenge, Denali offers you the special opportunity to hike off-trail!

Find more ways to explore the park.

Kids also have an incredible chance to learn and explore the park’s history. They can borrow a Denali discovery pack, which is filled with activities and lessons about the park and wildlife. The top ten family activities will give you a number of fun things of what to do while at Denali.

Because this park is in rugged terrain, it’s important to read up on things to know before you visit so that you can safely navigate the great Alaskan frontier.