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Learn About Lincoln’s Beginnings at Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace


Summer is a great time to take advantage of our national parks and monuments. Many offer free or low-cost admissions and programs perfect for families. So this summer we will be featuring one of our country’s public lands every week and highlighting things you and your family can do there.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace

Image description: A newly restored cabin at Knob Creek. Photo from the National Park Service.

Hidden away in central Kentucky is the birthplace of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. While many people know who Lincoln is, many do not know about his humble beginnings as a boy growing up in the Kentucky wilderness. At Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace, you will find a window into the history of one of America’s most popular presidents.

 On February 12, 1809, Nancy Hanks Lincoln gave birth to Abraham in a small one room log cabin. In 1811, the family moved 10 miles away to Knob Creek and lived in a cabin at Knob Creek from the time Abraham was about two years old until he was eight. There are recorded instances of Lincoln talking about his years at Knob Creek, and how he and his sister Sarah, planted gardens, how he almost drowned but a childhood friend saved him, and where he first saw slaves being taken to be sold.

It is said that Lincoln’s humility and values he held throughout his life were instilled in him from his early days on the frontier in Kentucky. While living at Knob Creek, Lincoln’s father, Thomas Lincoln, worked the land and kept his children outside appreciating the outdoors. When Lincoln attended school, he and his sister would walk two miles each way.

At Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace, you can also explore the nature that Lincoln himself enjoyed so much. Discover the beautiful waters of Sinking Spring and Knob Creek, and hike through the wildlife and forests of central Kentucky.

Visit the National Park Service’s Abraham Lincoln Birthplace website to learn more about the historical background and natural wildlife near Knob Creek, and get information on visiting hours and programs for kids, teachers and families.