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The United States condemns the Qadhafi regime’s continued brutal attacks on the Libyan people in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1973, which calls for a stop to all attacks on civilians.

How to Increase Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Stopping for gas

Photo “Stopping for gas” taken by Average Jane on Flickr

You’ve probably noticed the steep increase in gas prices over the past week. Nationwide, drivers have seen average gas prices of $3.38 per gallon, similar to what we normally see in the peak of the summer driving season. The price increases are a result of the unrest in Libya and the Middle East.

This sudden jump in prices is causing people across the country to examine their driving behavior. This may be a great reason to look into buying a more fuel efficient or hybrid vehicle. Even if you aren’t in the market for a new car right now, here are some tips to increase your car’s fuel efficiency and get the most for your gasoline dollar:

  • Drive sensibly - Aggressive driving, such as speeding, rapid acceleration and braking, wastes gas.
  • Combine trips when possible - Several short trips starting from a cold engine can use twice as much fuel as longer multi-purpose trips when the engine is warm.
  • Observe the speed limit - Gas mileage usually decreases at speeds above 60 mph
  • Remove excess weight - Avoid keeping unnecessary items in your vehicle. The reduction of an extra 100 lbs could increase your mileage by 2%
  • Carpool or take public transportation - You can save by taking turns driving with other commuters

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…the people of Libya have made themselves clear: It is time for Qadhafi to go—now, without further violence or delay.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaking at the 16th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

Read the full speech on the State Department’s blog.