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Stay Active Outside This Summer

Michelle Obama with children in the White House garden

First Lady Michelle Obama works with chefs and students in the White House Kitchen Garden during the “Let’s Move!” chefs event.

According to statistics, approximately 1/3 of American children are overweight or obese. First Lady Michelle Obama started the Let’s Move campaign to solve the challenge of childhood obesity and encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Let’s Move is not just for children; it rallies children, families, schools, chefs, and entire communities to explore ways to keep children healthy.

“Let’s Move Outside”, offers suggestions about outdoor activities that are perfect for summertime, with links to places to play, bike, swim. You can also find action plans to help you join the effort. Some tips include:

  • Keep fresh fruit within a child’s reach
  • Move everyday
  • Try new fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce the number of snacks served each day
  • Plan meals for the week and encourage children to help make dinner
  • Get active during TV commercial breaks

To stay up to date on the latest ways to keep your family healthy from Let’s Move, sign up for email updates, take the pledge, or attend a Lets Move meet up in your city to connect with others that are committed to the health of America’s children.