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Find an HIV Testing Location Near You

Today is National HIV Testing Day (NHTD). The goal of NHTD is to help spread awareness and encourage people to get tested for HIV.

Where to Start

HIV prevention starts with education. Check out the HIV/AIDS basics and factsheets to debunk any myths, learn how to reduce your risk, discover symptoms and find out how to get help. An important and simple step to taking control of your health is by getting tested for HIV. You can download the HIV Testing and Care Services Locator app (for Apple devices) or go online to find different test and health centers near you.

How to get Involved

You can help raise awareness about the importance of HIV testing by bringing one of the national campaigns to your community. You can join various national campaigns such as Testing Makes Us Stronger and Let’s Stop HIV Together that are supported by the Centers for Disease Control. On Twitter, use the hashtag #NHTD to show all of your followers that you are observing National HIV Testing Day. For more information and to learn more about events planned throughout the year please visit

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National HIV Testing Day on June 27 is a reminder to get tested. Enter your ZIP code and find a testing site near you.

Visit to learn more about HIV/AIDS, including how to reduce your risk and available treatment options.

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Learn why and where to get tested.

Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of HIV/AIDS

Thirty years ago this month, HIV/AIDS was identified as what we know it as today. During this time over 25 million people worldwide have died from HIV/AIDS. Even today, the only “cure” is prevention.

Currently, more than one million people in the United States live with HIV; 21% of those with HIV have yet to be diagnosed and are unaware of their infection. But great strides have been made in HIV prevention and treatment over the past thirty years. In fact, the number of new HIV infections has fallen by more than two thirds since the height of the epidemic.

The CDC is sponsoring a special thirtieth commemoration of HIV/AIDS this summer to help educate people about the impact across our country and the world. Learn more about the commemoration.

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