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Four Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Find out how to improve your gas mileage. Here’s an overview of the tips:

1. Drive More Efficiently

  • Avoid speeding, rapid acceleration, and unnecessary braking
  • Observe the speed limit
  • Avoid idling
  • Remove unnecessary items that add weight to your vehicle
  • Use cruise control on the highway
  • Use overdrive gears when appropriate

2. Keep Your Car in Shape

  • Get regular tune-ups
  • Keep tires properly inflated
  • Use the motor oil recommended for your vehicle
  • Replace a clogged air filter

3. Plan and Combine Trips

  • Combine errands into one trip
  • Consider commuting alternatives (carpooling, public transit, etc.)

4. Choose a More Efficient Vehicle

Use to find and compare cars.

Buckling up is the most effective way to protect yourself in a crash. Wear your seatbelt. It could save your life.

Buying a used car can be better for both your wallet and the environment.

Click It or Ticket: Avoid Fines by Wearing Your Seat Belt

This week is the start of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s two week national “Click It or Ticket” campaign to increase seat belt usage in cars.

During the Memorial Day holiday weekend, when many people are traveling, law enforcement agencies across the country will heavily enforce the message of Click It or Ticket. If you are caught not wearing your seat belt, you could be fined.

Research shows men ages 18-34 are the least likely to wear their seat belts, even though seat belts save nearly 13,000 lives each year, according to NHTSA.

Wearing your seat belt properly will help keep you safe.

The lap belt should sit across your hips below your stomach and the shoulder belt should sit comfortably across the middle of your chest and away from your neck.

Learn more about Click It or Ticket and proper seat belt fit (PDF).