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Share Your Ideas for Mobile Apps from the Government

The mobile apps gallery has more than 50 free apps and mobile web sites from across government that can help make your life easier. There’s an app to find out how long the security line is at the airport or to see if your child’s new toy has been recalled. You can also find mobile apps to:

  • Protect your child: The FBI Child ID app provides a convenient place to store photos and vital information about your child so it can be found easily at your fingertips if your child goes missing.
  • Look for a job: With the USA JOBS iPhone app, you can search all types of federal government job openings available across the country.
  • Get nutrition information: The Food-a-pedia app breaks down food items by total calories, food groups, and other extra calories added from fat and sugar.

For the next few weeks you can also tell us what apps or other mobile products you think government agencies should create. The deadline to submit ideas is September 15.

Share your ideas.