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Ask Marietta: Resources for Military Families

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In this episode of Ask Marietta, Marietta responds to a letter from an Army base in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and shares some of the resources available in the Consumer Action Handbook for our military members and their families.

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Hi, this is Marietta with the Consumer Action Handbook, and in this series, Marietta’s Mailbag, we read and respond to letters and emails that come in from readers like you, who have used the Consumer Action Handbook.

Today’s letter comes from Army community services at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Ed says, Dear Marietta, We provide classes in the consumer services, financial planning and credit reports, to help hundreds of service members and their families each month. 

The Consumer Action Handbook is a big help in these classes. We couldn’t do it without this publication.”

First let me say thank you to the service men and women for your sacrifice and service to our country.

It delights me to know the Consumer Action Handbook is a helpful resource in your life.

The Consumer Action Handbook includes so much information specifically for military families. Information on frauds and scams and knowing where to get resources that can help you.

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