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Healthy Eating Tips for Kids: A Round Up from our Live Twitter Chat


As part of National Nutrition Month, (@Kidsgov) hosted a live twitter-chat (#NNMforKids) last week to give people the opportunity to share ideas and tips on how to get kids to eat better and live healthier.

If you couldn’t make the chat, we’ve rounded up just a few of the many resources that were shared.

Healthy snacks ideas for your kids

Setting an example for your kids

  • Show kids that YOU like healthy foods too! Try new foods together and share the experience: (PDF)

  • What you say has an impact! Learn more about phrases that HINDER vs. phrases that HELP: (PDF)

Making healthy eating fun

Why it’s important to eat healthy

  • Eating a healthy breakfast is tied to better cognitive function (especially memory), fewer school absences, & improved mood

  • Good nutrition is important for kids of all ages! Tips for preschoolers, kids, and teens:  

Encouraging good nutrition when you’re busy

Understanding nutrition labels

Find even more resources from our live chat for getting your kids to eat healthy and share your own tips in the comments section.

As National Nutrition Month continues, this week we’re focusing on how to eat healthy while in college. Next week, we’ll share tools to help create healthy meals for your family. And finally during the last week of the month, we’ll highlight advice for eating healthy as we age.