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Like many other years, 2013 had its ups and downs.

We celebrated new life when a baby prince was born across the pond. We watched a landmark Supreme Court decision in the ruling on the Defense Against Marriage Act. We witnessed history when one Pope stepped down and another was elected. We mourned as a nation after the Boston Marathon bombings and we paid respects after Nelson Mandela died.

Through the ups and downs of this year, we’ve shared information with you on many different subjects. Here’s what was most popular on our blog and on in 2013.

Popular Blog Posts:

  1. What is Money Made Out Of?
  2. Tips for Saving Energy in the Winter
  3. Changes to Federal Benefits after Supreme Courts Ruling on DOMA
  4. Weather visualization animated gif
  5. Government shutdown
  6. Northern lights over Iceland
  7. JFK and his children in the Oval Office
  8. First female pilot in the Afghan Air Force
  9. Southern lights animated gif
  10. Rosa Parks statue unveiled at the Capitol

Popular Pages on

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  2. Unclaimed Money from the Government
  3. A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies
  4. Government Benefits, Grants, and Financial Aid for Citizens
  5. Government Jobs
  6. Government Shutdown (page no longer available)
  7. American Holidays
  8. Contact Elected Officials
  9. Government Sales and Auctions
  10. Government Departments and Agencies

Popular Links on

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  10. Free Annual Credit Report

Popular Searches on

  1. Jobs
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  3. Immigration and Citizenship
  4. Benefits and Grants
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  7. Credit Report
  8. Taxes
  9. Auctions
  10. Unclaimed Money

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