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Help Your Kids Find Santa This Christmas

In 1958, an advertisement accidently printed NORAD’s (North American Aerospace Defense Command) phone number as “Santa’s phone number” and the command station started receiving phone calls from excited children looking to speak to Santa. The men on duty that night took it upon themselves to make the childrens’ Christmas wishes come true and played along, listening to what the children who called in wanted that year for Christmas. Fifty-five years later and NORAD is still carrying on the job of helping children locate Santa.

Children can call the “NORAD Tracks Santa” call center at 877-446-6723. Volunteers are on hand to answer calls on Christmas Eve through early Christmas morning, and responses are available in eight languages.

The NORAD program has continued to grow each year and now consists of an interactive website for kids, an app you can download to your mobile device or tablet, and many other social media features.

Learn more about the NORAD program and have your kids track Santa this year!