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Avoid Cell Phone Radiation Scams

There is no scientific proof that cell phone radiation shields significantly reduce exposure from cell phone emissions, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

A “shield” is any product that claims to block radiation from harming someone using a cell phone.

But scam artists might still try to sell the so-called “shields.” Products that only block one part of the phone are ineffective because the entire phone can emit electromagnetic waves. Phony radiation shields might actually emit more radiation if they draw more power from the device.

While health studies are still ongoing, the FTC offers tips on reducing your exposure to cell phone emissions:

  • Use an earpiece or the speakerphone feature as often as possible
  • Keep calls brief and text when you can
  • Wait for a strong signal; phones emit more radiation when they have a weak signal and are looking for service
  • When purchasing a new phone, look at its specific absorption rate (SAR) which will tell you how much radiation your body absorbs while using the phone

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