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The Benefits of Adding a Pet to Your Home

You often hear about the health benefits of eating well, or staying active, but your emotional health is equally important. During times of tragedy, animals are often brought in for people to pet or play with, and there is good reason:  having a pet can help with your emotional stability and happiness.

Here are some tips and resources on why adding a pet to your family could be a great idea.

The comfort and companionship of a pet can make you healthier. According to the CDC, having pets is known to help control blood pressure, cholesterol levels and feelings of depression.

When looking for a pet, consider adopting from a local shelter or rescue, and save an animal’s life that otherwise may not get the chance at a happy home. You can contact your local government to find out about shelters near you, and find out more about owning wildlife as pets, pet insurance, emergency preparedness for pets and much more.  

Of course, adding a pet to your family is exciting for kids, however, there are also some important things to remember when you bring an animal into your home. If you have younger kids, make sure your pet has been acclimated and is accepting of young ones. It’s also important to keep your pet healthy so that in turn you and your family stay healthy too. By practicing good hygiene around your pet, and keeping them up-to-date on shots, your family will also be protected.

Many people consider their pet a member of their family, so remember to keep an eye on them as you would anyone else. You can find consumer information from about pet food, what toys are dangerous to your pet, and some good questions to ask your veterinarian about pet medicines.