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Fight Summer Boredom


Now that it’s the heat of summer, it’s harder for kids to find fun activities on their days off. In June, hosted a Twitter chat where we brainstormed fun and educational activities for your kids this summer.

We were joined by numerous partners, including NASA,, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM),, My Plate and more, and an enormous amount of resources were shared to help spark new activity ideas for your kids. Take a look at some of the highlights from the chat:

What kinds of outdoor activities do you do with your kids in the summer?

BLM:  Summer is a great time to hike, bike and explore America’s Great Outdoors! Plan your adventure at

NASA: You don’t have to go space to experience the moon! Craters of the Moon, New Mexico

Do you have a favorite park, pool or beach you take the kids to every summer?

EPA: Find a beach near you with this EPA beach finder:

BLM: Hands on the Land connects agencies, teachers, parents and students with publiclands and waterways

Summer weather can be rough, but summer nights are beautiful. Are there any evening activities you love to do with your kids?

BLM: Literacy this summer?  Try our Tori the Tortoise book - fun and educational

NASA: Have you visited It has some great links to summer activities

Summer is full of BBQs and vacations. Do you try and encourage healthy eating with your kids? Parents should encourage kids to choose quality foods! Have active kids? Here’s how to keep them healthy: Find healthy eating games and information to engage your kids at

MyPlate: When at the beach &kids are thirsty, drink water instead of sugary drinks!  

How do you keep your kids entertained on rainy days? There are some great educational games and videos now to help! Have your kids play educational games rather than video games on rainy days:  Active gaming keeps kids moving even on a rainy day! Take a look:

Girls Health: Also for girls who want to be scientists, check out this great video from the White House!

For more fun and educational activities from, follow us on Twitter: @kidsgov