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I Know Everything

Video description

Distracted driving kills teenagers every year. Make sure you know how to be safe in the car this summer.

Video transcript

Female v/o: I know everything about everything. I know what my friends are doing all the time. Seriously, I know almost everything because I pay attention, well…most of the time.

I know about cars and driving and what it takes to drive safely.

Male v/o: Right, but it doesn’t hurt to review what you already know.

Female v/o: I know what I need before I get into the car.

My keys.

My phone.

My wallet or bag.

I know to adjust my seat and check my mirrors and put on my seat belt and lock the doors before I take off.

Male v/o: Did you know 10% of high school students report rarely or never wearing seat belts when riding with someone else?

Female v/o: I know I’ve always got to be careful and drive safely.

Mom and Dad and everybody tell me to pay attention, pay attention, pay attention. Huh…maybe they’re right?

I know my parents can take away my keys anytime…UGH!

I know I need to obey traffic lights and street signs.

And going faster than the speed limit is dangerous and illegal.

I know I could get a ticket or lose my license if I break the rules. That’s not cool.

Male v/o: Did you know teen drivers are 50% more likely to crash in the first month of having a license than they are after a full year of experience?

Female v/o: I know the difference between fog lights and high beams.

I know to drive slower in rain or snow or ice or fog

I know I need to be awake and alert.

I know I need to pay attention to road conditions all the time because a car can slide out of control in one second. That’s scary.

I know to keep the radio down and not sing too loud so I can hear a siren or a horn.

Male v/o: Did you know 57% of teen crashes involve going too fast, not paying attention, or failing to yield?

Female v/o: I know I shouldn’t change the a/c or look up directions when the car is moving.

I know those all distract me from the only thing I should be doing —-Driving.

I know not to text and drive or make calls when I’m in the car.

Male v/o: Did you know that more than 50% of high school students say they text while they drive at least sometimes?

Female v/o: I know it’s really hard and a little gross to eat when I’m driving.

I know I need to pay 100% of my attention to signs and lights and other cars every single second.

Male v/o: Did you know 20% of crashes that injure someone are caused by a distracted driver?

Female v/o: I know it’s illegal for me to drink alcohol.

And I know that when I’m 21 it’s illegal to drink alcohol and drive impaired. It’s dangerous, illegal and just plain stupid.

I know I need to be careful driving if I take medicine. And I definitely shouldn’t let a friend who’s impaired get behind the wheel.

Male v/o: Did you know 60% of teen drivers involved in fatal crashes who have been drinking were not wearing a seat belt?

Female v/o: I know I could get arrested and lose my license if I drive impaired. And I know I could get grounded…Forever.

I know I need to be home by curfew. But I still need to drive safely and obey stop signs and red lights.

I know I may get grounded. But it’s better than not getting home at all.

WOW. So I do know a lot.

I know that teens are more likely to be in crashes than adults.

Male v/o: Did you know more than 300,000 teens are injured in crashes each year?

Female v/o: I know my friend could die if I get in a crash. Or I could die. Or somebody I don’t even know could die. And I know I don’t want any of those things to happen.

Male v/o: Did you know motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S.?

Female v/o: I know I need to drive safely and always pay attention so I keep my license and get home safely every time. And if I forget anything about driving I know I can ask my parents and they’ll be cool and remind me. WOW.

I really do know everything.

Video from the Century Council