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Flat Stanley and Stella Arrive at EPA!

flat stanley

Image description: Flat Stanley and Stella arrive at the offices of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

By Jeanethe Falvey and Jessica Orquina, EPA’s Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education

Hey, parents and teachers! Flat Stanley and Stella have joined EPA to teach children about the environment and how we can all help protect it. Now your children or students can follow their adventures by reading our new blog, Stanley and Stella Explore the Environment. This blog will feature monthly stories written to help build reading and science skills for elementary age readers. Each story will be posted at first, second, and third grade reading levels.

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Share these adventures and activities with your classroom or family.

  • Print EPA’s official characters or have kids color their own. (You can download them from our blog or The Flat Stanley Project website.)

  • Help kids do the suggested activities at the end of each story and include the characters in their own adventures.

  • Share photos of the characters on the official Flat Stanley website or apps! Follow the stories and activities on Stanley and Stella Explore the Environment in your classroom, after-school program, or at home.

Start today by reading about Flat Stanley and Stella’s first EPA adventure with the National Park Service, where they travel to Yellowstone to look for the environment!