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Take Time to be a Dad Today

By the Administration for Children and Families

It’s hard to be a parent. That’s why Father’s Day is so important. It gives us an opportunity to thank dads who are active in their children’s lives—who accept the challenges of raising a family and reap the benefits of their children growing up in a loving environment. It is also an occasion to remember the how vital father involvement is for their children’s well-being.

Research shows that children with active, involved fathers:

  • have better problem-solving skills
  • have more empathy for others and greater self-control
  • earn higher grades
  • score better on standardized tests
  • have fewer behavioral problems
  • are less likely to become victims of child abuse

Yet, today, one out of every three children in America is living without a father in the home—about 24 million kids in this country. (Find more facts on fatherhood.)

That’s why this Father’s Day the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is encouraging all fathers to take time to be a dad today and every day by taking the President’s Fatherhood Pledge. When you sign the pledge, you’ll also be signing up to receive parenting tips and fun activities you can do with your children.

In addition to the Fatherhood Pledge, offers a toll-free number dads can call to get advice and also to connect with local fatherhood programs in their areas, 1-877-4DAD411 (1-877-432-3411).

We are also hosting Father’s Day events at more than 100 barber shops around the country on Saturday, June 15th as part of our Fatherhood Buzz program. Find a barber shop near you to meet up with other fathers and get resources to help you be the best dad you can be. 

ACF’s Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood programs are also partnering once again with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by holding Father’s Day events at nearly 300 Public Housing Authorities across the nation. In addition to being a day full of family fun, these events connect fathers to educational and job training opportunities, health screenings, and other supportive services. Visit the HUD website for more information on Father’s Day 2013.

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