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How Are You Going to Celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day is Monday! What are you going to do to protect the planet and celebrate? Here at EPA, we work to protect human health and the environment every day. On Earth Day to celebrate, we continue our work and take a moment to appreciate our planet.

Here are some things you can do online and in your community:

  • Get information, event listings, and learn about how you can help protect the planet on April 22nd and every day on our Earth Day website.
  • Want to volunteer or attend an event on Earth Day? Check out our events page to learn about opportunities across the country on our local events page.
  • Environmental action can mean taking simple steps in the different places where we all live. Start making a difference today by joining Pick 5 for the Environment!
  • Sign up for GoGreen! (our monthly email consumer newsletter) for news, activities, or events you can use to make a difference at home, in your community, and at your workplace - Earth Day and every day!
  • Join @EPAlive for our Earth Day Twitter Chat about climate change and what you can do.
  • Have a question about what we can all do to cut greenhouse gas emissions and protect the planet? Send it to us using the #AskEPA hashtag on Twitter.
  • Share your photos with our State of the Environment Photo Project.

And don’t forget to make every day Earth Day!