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Safe Social Networking

Social media websites and applications are a now normal part of everyday life, allowing you to connect with friends and family across the world. Some of the newer social media tools use GPS technology that allow you to “check in” by posting your location on social media channels to receive special offers from retailers. While it is tempting to keep your friends updated on your life, these posts can make you vulnerable to cyber stalkers or home invasions.

Here are some helpful hints to keep you safe online:

  • Ensure that your contact information is only visible to the people you know and trust.
  • Only post information that you are comfortable with anyone seeing.
  • Don’t share personal information with people that you don’t know.
  • Use your privacy settings to manage who can see your content, including messages, and pictures.
  • Remember, even if you delete something you post online, it might not be gone.
  • Beware of cyber-bullying and online confrontations. Online activities can have real world consequences.

Find more tips for protecting yourself online from the Federal Trade Commission.