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How Can the Government Help You?

Six weeks ago, we launched Help for Difficult Financial Times to highlight government resources that can make your life easier during tough times.

As part of this effort, we ran a poll asking: What helps you most when money is tight? 5,352 of you responded:

  • Savings 44%
  • Family 21%
  • Credit cards/loans 20%
  • Government assistance 15%

With 64 percent of you stating that savings, credit cards, and loans are the resources you turn to in tough times, we know we need to continue providing information on those topics.

Given that only 15 percent of you turn to government assistance in tough times, we want to make sure you know about benefits that could help you.

Government assistance comes in different forms—from unemployment checks and food assistance to credit counseling and medical treatment. The resources we’ve highlighted on our Help for Difficult Financial Times page are meant to guide you in finding such assistance. These are some of the most popular resources:

Although our six-week campaign to highlight Help for Difficult Financial Times has ended, we know that your struggles may continue. We will keep updating the tools and information we provide to help you get back on your feet.