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Tips for Finding and Applying for Jobs

There are typical places to look for jobs like job websites or classified ads. The problem with these methods is that hundreds of people could apply to one job posting. It is very hard to stand out among hundreds of other applicants.

One alternative to job websites is networking. Networking allows you to connect with others who share your career interests. Your network could help you in the job search process if you are unemployed.

You can start to network by creating a professional online presence on a professional networking site. These sites allow you to formalize your network of colleagues, former colleagues, mentors, friends, family, and acquaintances so that you can learn more about opportunities. People you are connected to can endorse you or recommend you.

Do you submit a résumé or curriculum vitae?

Once you find a job that seems like it might be a good fit, you need to apply. Different job applications have different requirements, so make sure to read them carefully.

What is it?

A resume is a brief summary of education, experience, leadership skills, job skills and awards received

A curriculum vitae or CV is a detailed record of activities related to your career. This can include education, work experience, publications, courses taught etc.

How long is it?

A resume is typically 1 to 2 pages long.

A CV is a long as it needs to be. Those who are further along in their career will typically have longer CVs than those who are just getting started in their career.

What type of job is it for?

Resumes are used in various industries because they are shorter than CVs. Sometimes a potential employer may ask for a CV after they have seen your resume.

A CV is mostly used for academic jobs.

When do I update?

You should update your resume when you have a change in education, experience, leadership skills, job skills, and/or receive a reward.

A CV should be updated more frequently than a resume since it includes activities related to your career.

Keep in mind that a potential employer many pull a credit report prior to hiring you. Learn what other things employers may check when reviewing your application.

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